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As 2021 begins…

I know a lot of people are suffering right now from Covid and the economic impacts of Covid, so I understand that it is with great privilege that I talk about how much I miss traveling. In 2018, we went to Paris for Gay Games 10. In 2019, we went to Amsterdam and Scotland for two weeks. 2020 was supposed to include a family reunion in the midwest, a 2-3 week road trip around Atlantic Canada, and a weeklong trip to New York City for the marathon, along with several other weekend getaways and events. I also really like planning travel, so as well as having to put off the travel itself, I’ve also not been able to engage in my hobby of booking travel with any certainty. I watch travel shows and videos, and I’ve taken up using Pinterest to save sites of interest, intriguing tours, and appealing hotels, but none of it has given the satisfaction of marking on a calendar that we will be in a certain place on a specific date. I look forward to widespread vaccination restoring the health of our people and the economy, but also reservation confirmation numbers in my inbox.


I am becoming dissatisfied with Facebook–troll accounts; fake news; idiotic AI censorship; prioritization of ads, sponsored posts, and group content in the news feed over friends’ activity. I’d like to spend less time there, and I think sharing here in addition to building my Pinterest boards could be a good outlet. I just wish it was more interactive and not just me self-importantly vomiting my thoughts out to the world, so consider this your invitation to comment and share.

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So many people don’t get it.

They who can give up essential liberty to obtain a little temporary safety, deserve neither liberty nor safety.

-Ben Franklin

Story of the day: Most travelers don’t seem to care that low-level government agents are seeing them naked or sticking fingers into their crotches.

I’ve been hearing and reading this constant refrain of “as long as we’re safe…”

Advanced Imaging Technology is likely medically harmful and may not detect the very threats it’s intended to find. According to this site, which takes information from Columbia University scientist Dr. David Brenner, 85 percent of skin cancer first develops in the scalp and the majority of radiation emitted by AIT machines goes to the scalp.  Why even scan the head and neck?  What are the chances that a weapon or explosive is concealed on the head?

I don’t have exact statistics but I’m going to go out on a limb and say that more people in the United States are killed by unregistered guns than by airborne terrorists.  What if the government said they were going to send agents into every house in America to search every nook and cranny of your home to see if you had an unregistered weapon?  Would people just roll over and say “it’s keeping us safe”?

An unreasonable search without probable cause is the same unconstitutional act whether it’s your home or your body at an airport.


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