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Seattle cop punched 17-year-old girl in the face

I’ve seen the video, and I think he was right to.

I’m glad that the majority of comments I’ve seen have been in support of Officer Ian Walsh.

Say what you want about citing jaywalkers, the girls in this incident reacted inappropriately and got what they deserved.

You don’t touch an officer while the person he’s trying to ticket is cussing him out.

Here’s my comment on YouTube:

What if the officer hadn’t gotten the situation under control? What if he said, “I’ve got this one girl cussing and refusing to listen to me, I’ve got this other girl shoving me and a bunch of people gathering around, I think I’ll let this one go”? I say good job for this officer standing his ground and not setting an example that if you protest and harass a cop enough, that you can get away with illegal activities.

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Torchlight 8K highlights

I ran the Seafair Torchlight 8K last night. That translates to 4.97 miles, but we’ll call it 5. I hadn’t trained enough for how fast I ran it, so I felt pretty bad throughout the majority of the race. Official results probably won’t be up for another 10 hours or so. It wasn’t all bad, so here’s some highlights:

The costume contest. A bunch of people ran dressed like pirates. There was a pirate wench with a helium balloon parrot on her shoulder. Three families did costumes that even involved their jogging strollers–Captain Hook’s pirate ship, a Blue Angel fighter jet, and the Batmobile.

Not in the contest, but still in costume: 6-8 people ran the entire race in a group and they were all dressed like bees. Pretty adorable and they looked like they had a blast.

The parade route. Part of the race course went down 4th Ave. where people had already lined up for the Torchlight Parade. Bunches of kids–and some adults–stood up along the route waiting to get their hands slapped (don’t know if that’s the right word, but they weren’t exactly highfives) by the runners. I was so exhausted that I didn’t really wanna go out of my way to do this, but I got a few and it was fun to watch.

My time. I set the goal of running an 8 1/2 minute-mile pace. To achieve that, I needed to run the course in under 42:30 and while I don’t know my official time, the clock said 41:26 when I crossed the finish line. My official time will be faster since it didn’t start until I crossed the start line. So regardless of how I felt, I did make my goal!

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“I’m a lesbian. Would you like to punch me?”

So I’m a little behind on the local news.  Two weeks ago today, a lesbian woman was beaten outside a club in the Fremont neighborhood of Seattle.  Her attacker punched her to the ground and kicked her in the face, calling her a “dyke bitch.”

Where I first read about it. My blog title comes from the art project Gina Genius (of Team Gina) is doing.

Samantha Ronson was the headlining DJ at the event.  She blogged about it.

Pics of the survivor.

So if you’re a lesbian and concerned about gay bashing, please consider joining Gina Genius’s project.

Here’s my contribution:

Photo 39

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How much voting is too much?

When I first moved here, I thought Seattleites and Washingtonians must really like to vote.  Now, three years later, I think that the city and state government really like to make us vote.  That way politicians don’t have to risk making any unpopular decisions.  I thought that the point of electing officials was to choose people who you think will carry out your wishes or act in your interest.  While I do think ordinary citizens should be somewhat educated on the issues so we know which politicians to support, we are too busy with our daily lives to discover all the nuances of public policy.  I understand having public comment sessions for different projects, but ultimately I wish politicians would make the decisions.  On one hand, I’m glad that Seattleites got to vote to reverse City Council’s “nanny state” four-foot rule in strip clubs, but should the final details on how we replace the viaduct, increase public transportation, acquire & fund parks, and improve Pike Place Market really be put to voters?

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