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Torchlight 8K highlights

I ran the Seafair Torchlight 8K last night. That translates to 4.97 miles, but we’ll call it 5. I hadn’t trained enough for how fast I ran it, so I felt pretty bad throughout the majority of the race. Official results probably won’t be up for another 10 hours or so. It wasn’t all bad, so here’s some highlights:

The costume contest. A bunch of people ran dressed like pirates. There was a pirate wench with a helium balloon parrot on her shoulder. Three families did costumes that even involved their jogging strollers–Captain Hook’s pirate ship, a Blue Angel fighter jet, and the Batmobile.

Not in the contest, but still in costume: 6-8 people ran the entire race in a group and they were all dressed like bees. Pretty adorable and they looked like they had a blast.

The parade route. Part of the race course went down 4th Ave. where people had already lined up for the Torchlight Parade. Bunches of kids–and some adults–stood up along the route waiting to get their hands slapped (don’t know if that’s the right word, but they weren’t exactly highfives) by the runners. I was so exhausted that I didn’t really wanna go out of my way to do this, but I got a few and it was fun to watch.

My time. I set the goal of running an 8 1/2 minute-mile pace. To achieve that, I needed to run the course in under 42:30 and while I don’t know my official time, the clock said 41:26 when I crossed the finish line. My official time will be faster since it didn’t start until I crossed the start line. So regardless of how I felt, I did make my goal!

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Oops I disappeared for a while…

So tax season got too busy, then I went out of town, then I came back and didn’t have any good blogging ideas, then I felt awkward going back the blog I had so long abandoned (which only got worse the longer I waited), then the icing on the cake was my computer dying just when I was getting up the guts/interest/brilliance to post again.  So here I am, like two and a half months later, back at my blog from a shiny new MacBook.

Earlier I posted that this would mostly be about taxes and NPR stories.  Well I am still dedicated to public radio, but taxes have been replaced by running.  I joined SeattleFit with the goal of running the Seattle Marathon Thanksgiving weekend.  Group runs are every Saturday; today was the second one.  My pace group went three miles.  Afterward, I saw these piles of training logs.  I thought of taking one, but realized it would be like my efforts at keeping a diary or (in this modern age) blogging.  I’d start off strong, then fall behind.  Then mostly instead of being proud of my running, I’d be upset by my failure to keep up with the log.  So I passed up on the log.  Besides, who really wants a record of the weather and their mood on four runs per week for five and half months?

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