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worst Quaker product I’ve ever put in my mouth

This past Friday and Saturday was the health and fitness expo for the Seattle Marathon.  I had to go to pick up my race packet.  The expo was crowded and overwhelming.  It was hard to tell who was selling and who was giving away and how much of your personal information you had to give out in return for the freebies.  So I didn’t spend long there.  Anyway, Monday morning after the race I decided to sample the free snacks included in my race packet.  Now I am quite the fan of the caramel-flavored Quaker Rice Cakes, so Quaker Mini Delights Caramel Drizzle didn’t sound like much of a stretch.  I ate one of the little nickel-sized snacks and oh it was terrible!  I thought maybe I just need to get used to the flavor, so I waited a minute and ate another.  Nope, they are officially “the worst Quaker product I have ever put in my mouth.”  Possibly the worst sweet snack food I have ever tried.

On the other hand, my race packet also contained a bag of Corazonas Heart Healthy All-Natural Potato Chips.  40% less fat than regular potato chips and tasted just as wonderful.

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