My life has changed quite a bit since I wrote the bio below, but I like it, so I’ll leave it down there for posterity. I’m still at H&R Block and the business is just starting to pick up now.


Here’s the deal.  I work 40 hours a week, by myself, at a dry cleaning drop-off store.  It’s hard to find appropriate music for work, so I started listening to NPR.  Now pretty much every minute of those 40 hours is spent listening to KUOW, Seattle’s NPR affiliate.  It’s taken over my life. Probably 75% of stories I tell my friends somehow connect to something I heard on the radio.  The last movie one of my friends wanted to see was “Persepolis” and I’m like “Oh yeah I heard about that on the radio, sounds cool.”  My Christmas present to my aunt was a book recommended by Nancy Pearl.  I know the schedule and the names of most of the hosts.  The percentage used to be higher, but now I also work part-time and H&R Block and tax stories have crept into my conversations…which I think is even dorkier and less appreciated by my friends…  And then there’s times when I’m doing taxes and talking about NPR.  You get the picture.  So anyway my blogs will most likely be about the same things I discuss with people in the real world.

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