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I’m boring lately

What I’ve been up to:


hangin’ with my new housemates

incessant iPod listening

wtf Russia?!

deep thoughts about morality outside of religion (flashbacks to Phil 105: Intro to Ethics)

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I wasn’t planning to post on this topic

I had no intention of writing about this, but I was just surfing around WordPress and saw this and thought the little A or B part was too good to pass up.

From Opinionatrix:

“I don’t know why I’m surprised. I really shouldn’t be. After all, John Edwards is just another in a long line of politicians to cheat on his wife. Now a days it seems that political affairs are just part of the Washington DC landscape. All that being said, I am still shocked. Honestly, I don’t know what surprises me more:

A) that John Edwards, the seemingly genuine and honest son of a mill worker, betrayed his wife and family


B) that the National Enquirer actually broke a real story!”

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Who doesn’t have a blog these days?

So I was reading the ACLU blog and found out that the TSA has a blog too: Evolution of Security. Their tagline reads “TERRORISTS EVOLVE. THREATS EVOLVE. SECURITY MUST STAY AHEAD. YOU PLAY A PART.” Eek.

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